Neko 2

May 19, 2011

Finally she can stand on her own >_<


gonna paint her eye today and i got a good reference from alter

tsubasa neko

May 17, 2011


i’m working on this tsubasa neko resin, kinda tired with gundam

well this thing should be fast….

it might be dome next week

alreadyy remove seamline and others , just have to make a base for it and also paint it

anyway it’s my friend lol

Senjougahara Hitagi

May 16, 2011


here you go , today random post :p

right now i’m thinking to move to web hosting >_<

still planning desu

Astray Blue Frame 2nd F

May 15, 2011

right now this is the only name in my head, i’ll use it till i find a better one


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Random Post

May 14, 2011

Today i ‘ve decided to do a supid thing like 1 update for 1 day even thought the update will be very stupid like only posting oine pic like these


My yoshika :)

Atrayeah Project

May 14, 2011


My next project… i don’t have any idea bout this

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Zabanya Assault

May 13, 2011


My first Work of this year, i’m getting slow…

The Concept of Zabanya Assault is a long range artilerry unit which can shoot from outside the battlefield, equipped with a long range mega gn particle cannon which range is the same as memento mori [2nd season episode 11] even far more when trans-arm.

Other Equipmment:
2 standard zabanya gn beam rifle
9x gn micro missile [the same as zabanya]

1 GN Gatling with ARMS [Automatic Revolving Machine System] which able to rotate 360 degree and attack all area all around zabanya ,it’s able to shoot in front of cockpit. It is used to protect zabanya from enemy[mid range] when using the mega gn particle. It was controlled by haro so the pilot can focus with the mega gn particle.

2x beam sword mounted on the gatling
Zabanya assault also have 1 extra censor on the left chest, it was protected by the chest armor. The big bottom part design is too hold all the body when shooting the mega particle and also for GN Particle Storage.

Zabanya Assault is the prototype of zabanya in the movie. When Ian told Lockon about this unit, Lockon ask Ian to build a unit which fitted for him based on this, lockon said he prefer the unit which can attack multiple enemy in one time [zabanya] rather than focusing on 1 target. However when Ian told lockon the Zabanya Assault is already done, so Ian build another Zabanya based on this.Zabanya Assault were put in the Celestiasl Being Factory and equipped with GN-Drive Tau

anyway it’s a fan fiction by me >_< it’s the base idea i used for make these :p


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