Opening The Box

Finally i making a blog 🙂

Why the title is ” Opening The Box”? cause opening the box is the beginning of a figure for me 🙂

Anyway , I’m living at Jakarta [Indonesia], a country at south east asia. I like watching anime, and this is the beginning of the tragedy :p

I like a few anime character and i want to have a memorial of them and then… I start buying figure. At the first it’s only a gashapon [small figure around 10cm] and suddenly before i know it becomes bigger and bigger and i am already have a lot of figures….

Other than that, i also like making Gundam Model . But i am just a beginner 🙂 Right now still practising to make a better one.

About my life, i’ m still 20 . I am a design university student of local university caleed BeeNus . But i am not really good so don’t talk about that , still a long way to go.

If i found something interesting i will share it :p

Oh yeah one thing :p My fave Quote
“G ga mau mate sendirian , jadi g ngajak2 lu!!! Mari kita mati bersama gara2 keracunan Figure :D”

Can’t find the english ver 🙂


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