Tokyo Hobby Show 2007

Wew , that keroro sure is a nice one when u combine all of them. Gattaiii!!!!!!!!

I got This Link From Forum [thx to Swiftbandung]

A few thing that interested me

A special version of nu and sazabi. Lately bandai is making a lot of HG UC especially for Char’s CounterAttack Series, kind of happy

Even though the prize is almost like MG , can’t wait for Nu and Sazabi HGUC.

Kyrios Gundam from Gundam 00. It really a nice one, the detail amost like MG, the transformation kind a unique [even though it was zeta alike :)]Too bad , bandai didn’t make it with it’s missile pod like in episode 2

Well not many figures here, only Kotobukiya and Wave , I quess

Kotobukiya surely release a lot of .The most interesting for me are Shana with a swimsuit and Kotori Shirakawa also in swimsuit

Looks like Kotobukiya has done the same thing like the Max Factory does for The Shana’s Hair. Wew, i hope Max Factory gonna make another Kotori Shirakawa. I likes Kotobukiya stuff, but i prefer Max Fac Stuff.

And Wave Stuff

This idolmaster figure sure is a nice one, i like the pose.

Ahhh Angel Nano, i like these stuff. Thos angels from evangelion were re-design by Mine [remember Keroro??] and put into SD.

I quess I want to collect all of them :). Their size so small, about 10 cm but i really like the design 🙂

I quess that’s it all :p [the interesting stuff for me]

U can click the link above to see the whole stuff [anyway the picture is so big so prepare :)]


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