The Problematic Suigintou


The Suigintou I bought 23 Desember…..

Real or fake i wonder????

Bigger Pic

Bending setelah di foto 😀


Bigger Pic

[a little camera trick :D]

It is said from C3X 2006 …. i can’t read japanese >_<

No idea real or fake, it is really a nice figure afterall

Anyway Merry X-mas…..

why am i posting suigintou for X-Mas LOL , it doesn’t match

maybe i should post this for halloween and say Trick or Treat !!!????


2 thoughts on “The Problematic Suigintou

  1. sama2 bro :p

    parah banget bendingnya , 10 menit dan bending 😀

    nanti kalo ud jadi penyangganya baru ffoto lage yg bener >_<

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