Airi Megahouse

Airi from Megahouse :p

A maid or shinigami???

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Well this is an old figure really but not really that old

It is a strage one, coz it is look nicer when she is naked

well not because i like a naked figure or whatever you named it, but proprortion become really good when she is naked

the maid costume make her looks to bulky cause the cloth was too thick

well since there is 2 layer for apron, really make her look bulky and lost her body shape and you can also make her only use apron lol ]

but when you make here naked, tadaaaa

a perfect body shape, really so perfect and a nice shading

but she has a little weakness [this is why i hate megahouse]

a seamline is visible from here

anyway the clothes just too hard to pull, it always make me afraid every time i cast off her [at the end i use my modeling knife and make the clothes thinner so i can cast off her easyly]

and her schyte just too short

i’m still planning making her a new schyte but always forget lol

it is really a nice figure, i like it a lot

display it when she is naked is the best!!!!


8 thoughts on “Airi Megahouse

  1. hmm, but it seems to be rare now, the price seems keep rising in ebay, and it’s already out of stock in some online stores

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