An Old Ignis Oba chan >_<

well i know this is kind a lame, she is an old figure

and i like to call her ignis oba chan

back a year ago you can say her price really expensive but noww , she is just normal even cheap


her scale is 1/7 and she is a really tall character, her height is around 25 cm [almost the same as my saber 1/6]

and thx to the ahoge for extra height

back there this figure is still a great one and for me it’s still

she has a great pose and detail

she looks great form both left, right evenn from the back [actually i like the back :p]

just so sexy >_< and the hair so beautiful

the expression looks just so sexy 😀

even thought she has minimal shading this one still great , the detail of the clothes were really great and all of them were painted neatly

and the bat hairclip or whatever it is, were really nice and kind of unique for me

she has a glasses but i put it in the box coz i afraidto lose it and now when i take picture of her , i’m too lazy to take it lol

the base is made from glass [sorry i don’t have a pic of it]

it has a motif print on it , kind of cool

almost forget about the sword :p

the sword was engraved with an unknown alphabet, i believe it is her world alpahbet lol

a few landscape pict :p

and now, gsc gonna made the nendroid ver of her , can’t wait

i hope it isn’t limited >_<


4 thoughts on “An Old Ignis Oba chan >_<

  1. I don’t think it’s lame at all, she looks really great, you took some very good professional looking pictures there. I envy your photography skills ^^ I think I’ll throw your blog up on my blogroll just for good measure 🙂

  2. nice figurine 🙂

    I prefer this version than the alter’s ver

    try to reduce the glossy part of the bg, it steals the attention from the figurine ^^

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