Alter Nagato Review

AAhhh it’s been a while since the last time i review a figure and this is already an old figure

why my supplier is so lame, i and my friends even call him the legendary boat coz it is so slow, enough for this chit chat lol


i take photo’s 2 times lol, maybe that was just too much lol

and sorry for the size of photo today >_< i forget to resize it at photobucket anyway let’s start

the main pose of this figure , i really like it lol

she is nagato and she is wearng a swimsuit , damn hot watever,…

and she still have her cold look while fixing her swimsuit

and another one….

well she is around 13cm [6inch] since she is short and in that kind of position.

Anyway i didn’t use the base since the base itself is just a transparant plate and doesn’t really helpful, my nagato keep on falling and falling and falling again, the balancity is bad, and i got freaked out, everytime she is falling, it is always the tip of her hair that hold her luckyly till now the paintt is undamaged

a different kind of angle with a wide one lol, i take it for my wallpaper lol

well she looks so cute, from the frog eyes [angle from below] and her butt so sexy [i’m starting sound fike a pedo]

actually this is my fave angle

well now let’s talking about a much more different angle

an angel from behind 🙂 she is still looking good even she kind anoyyed with you looking her lol, this figure best angel is really from rear and behind

seei from front and bye2 [which one is front well i don’t know lol i just say the one you see the full body is front]

from the front, her face kind a dark and strange [well the dark is coz my lightning is bad] but about the sculpt of her face it is really look weird

agfter going around and round for angle, let’s taking aboput detail and shade :p

the detail of her swimsuit it really good the wrinkles looks so sexy [lol i use a lot of sexy word today]

the shading and the sculpt is so nice, it makes her body detail as if the swimsuit really tight

nagato really have a nice, sexy and slender bordy lol

her butt detail actually the most point i like about her, not only because the pose, but the butt look sexy

and also the shading of the swimsuit on the butt really nicwe, and also the shading on the back , i’m lucky [my other friend got her nagato’s back shading was over]

the detail of the hand and nail really well done.

the nail of the right hand also looks nice 🙂 and the shade of her hair is really great

well actually the finishing of this figure is not so neat… i have a lot of complain actually, well luckyly it is minor and u almost can’t see the except you are using 10 time zooming

like the paint on my nagato body [around the crotch <— can’t find a better word] somehow the paint kind of mess

and the detail of nagato’s front hair on the left is kind of messy.

and the leg , somehow the seamline is almost visible but other than that it is ok, my friend got the perfect one i quess but the shade on the bad and the hair kind of bad….

but her price is not bad , i got her around 44 US dollar even though she is small coz the pose

and here goes another photo of her [i take in the morning lol]

for detail [but my review is just the same]

i really like this figure, not just the facial but also the pose and the detail they’re so great and the price is nice too 🙂

can’t wait for the next alter’s nagato

anyway this the first figure review since i changed my camera to canon 450 D 🙂


3 thoughts on “Alter Nagato Review

  1. Another Yuki figure and this time one of the hottest that I saw so far. She’s looking great and have great pose, especially when you look at her from the back ^^

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