the Gathering

yesterday me and my friend from the forum do an offline meeting πŸ™‚

[i should write this yesterday but something stopped me lol the internet shutdown lol]

and while we walk around we found this


kind a shocked and wonder what kind of picture at the back of the pillow

after walking around for a few hours we decides to sit at the cafe and take a picture


he is the one who suggested the idea and the gathering lol [bad focus lol]

anyway he is the masterplan and he is the victim lol


well the masterplan id is Vandalier and the victim is e****ence [censored for in case lol]

the photo, well they are not really great:)

vandal said , she gonna ask a friends to do photoshop on them :p

the plan is, i want to take a picture of both mikuru but i forget [ since my only mikuru is the mikuru beam]

anyway , after that vandal take out his nendro, the legendary miku who has travelling all over java [one of island in indonesia] and the new Melissa

he said he almost lost miku when travelling all over java

and the beginning we are just taking this picture coz it is cute

but i got and idea and caption this lol [anyway negi is the japanese of spring onion if i was right lol]

wonder if there will be a second lol

anyway that miku is already the legendary miku πŸ™‚ all of the scratches on her body is the scratches that made coz of the travelling, it has already been touched by so many loli ups i mean people lol

well too bad vandal only do the travelling report in indonesian πŸ™‚


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