Alice The Cat

At last got connected again >_< i’m disconnect since friday >_< i have already took a picture and then disconnect >_<

okay let’s get down to Alice


well this is gonna be a longg review… since i have a lot of pic of her….

well she is around 15cm and in that kind pose….. maybe her scale wasn’t even 1/8. My friend say she is even bigger than ther queen’s blade figure [i forget but he mentioned about echidna , they are almost the same <— and alice is a kid lol]

all of the image is [2100px x 1400 px]

this her main pose ,i kind’a like this pose, since her body is small and her clothes is kind a loose,so u can see her nipples <— but u need a lot of light to do that and it is easier to cast off her

and she is looks cute from different angle, for me she looks like a cat asking a food lol, so cute

but my friend said , she looks like a cat that looking for a bride??? who wants to be her bride??? well a happy life is not guaranteed but a jail is 99% guaranteed lol

another angle will make her look so elegant and beautiful

and another angle will make her looks like she gonna attack you with her weapon [a gun and a knife??? okay better run]

even her attacking position really looks like a cat lol

every angle result a different feeling :p ]

well, u can say that this is good one lol, since a few figure only good at one angle, but this one got a lot of angle

let’s take a tour around her body [okay that sounds creepy]

the rear side, she looks good from this side, especially from the rear back, she looks like jumping

nice detail on her outfit, and the gun, stocking and tail, and nice butt lol.

the detail were made very neat actually however… there is a little sculpting mistake on her body, somehow there is seamline or not so smooth body , but it is so small and u are almost can’t see them so i don’t really care

the butt lol, she has a nice and sexy butt and she is just a kid lol, the wrinkle on the panty looks good
,the tail looks good and neat.

the shading on her but looks great, make her butt looks even sexier

anyway the paint on her golden band looks kind a damaged😦 and i quess it is only mine that was damaged….

anyway be careful when touching the butt, i don’t know how, but her butt got a dirt, and it is hard to be cleaned [i know this my mistake since the 1st time i see her butt it is so clean]

u better make sure your hand clean when touching her ,since the topcoat layer didn’t protect her as good as other figure

the detail of her belt were really great

the face loooks great especially the eyes part, the hair sculpting great and the doll on her hair is great

the detail of her necklace is good [anyway be carefull the gead is easy to fall]

the shading on her hair were really great, it is just so perfect

and remember about the butt, the same case also happen in the hair… there is a dirt at the hair, i try to remove it with water… won’t work, so i scratched it…and then the paint damaged… luckyly it is so small…

The Detail

all of the detail were made really great, it just looks good especially the silver gun, i like the way they drybrush it [CMIIW] it make the gun looks so ancient and so real

the decal looks cool, the accesorry on the boots looks great, very neat and cool

the sheath on the back [i don’t know what is that] really neat

i quess it’s already time for cast off her lol

the clothes detail… very impressive and nice design

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

okay now she is completely naked lol

she is easy to cst off

she got a shading on her body but somehow it’s hard to take of that since her pose is like that, it is a really thin shade.

a few angle when casted off

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

she looks skinnier when casted off, i prefer to display her with clothes since it is cooler lol

anyway let’s talk about ther nipples :p the nipples looks good and so small, the colour the choos is nice, it is really looks good on her

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

i like this angle, when she is casted off , she looks so cool🙂

what do you think when you see this lol

Free Image Hosting at

she looks so horny lol

anyway , she was a great figure, one of the best figure i bought this year and also the most loli lol

i got her at 61 US$ [The seller said to me that the price is going up since it is kind a hard to get her now]

well i think it is a nice price, for this figure, great detail, great pose, nice shading and casted off lol [don’t forget loli :D]

just don’t play with her too much, after u open her, it’s better to put her inside the shelf or anything

8 thoughts on “Alice The Cat

  1. “but my friend said , she looks like a cat that looking for a bride??? who wants to be her bride??? well a happy life is not guaranteed but a jail is 99% guaranteed lol”

    haha…live in secret! And besides, she can transform into a big boobed adult woman too so if the police come by, just have her transform lol.

    I like your pics, especially the last one ;P (I know…I have a dirty mind…lol). She’s definitely one of the best this year.

  2. Her price is quite high now.. I’ll just wait until i got detoxified or the price goes down..

    Lord, please help me to be patient lol

    Btw, nice fig , Vix😛

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