Back From AFA

i know this is kind a funny , since AFA is 2 week ago

but my internet connection also die 2 week ago

well that was quite an event, too bad i can’t watch may’n since my plane is at 15.00 and may’n is at 19.00

but i got a lot of stuff from there luckyly

and a signature of kunio okawara 😀


my journey were paid 😀 who is he???

the mecha designer of gundam thx tro him it is gundam gundam not gunboy

and he is also talk a little about his experience as mecha designer

stuff from AFA [emcept the artbooks , i got them from ino thx to my friends who have a disc card]

i quess , i see wcloudxkumo at there since i see someone bring a huge yellow box which is as big as shuraki 3…..

that’s mine!!! why you have to buy it 😦 i want to buy buy it at day 2 … why ??????

well it’s ok since i got i got a nice stuff from AFA 😀 a limited T2 Genmuka figure

[the review at foobarbaz <— i don’t think i have a time to do any review right now]

i got it pretty cheap lol 50 sgd is really cheap lol i almost laugh a lot there

i spend a lot there lol

2 machi [nagasaretta airantou] figure —> one is for my friend
1 nendro mellisa….[i’m defeated by her cuteness and also the price lol]
1 al azif [yay i got 3 al azif now:D aru chan :p]
1 shizuka limited figure [queen’s blade] i like shizuka but only the limited one coz the colour is nicer
1 feena fam earthlight figure [hmmm maybe i got the name wrong ] i always want her, but since she is not my 1st priority i don’t pre-order
2 native genmukan figure—> one for my friend

and my precious Kunio Okawara Signature >_< i have to put a frame on it , i was lucky since only a few people may get it

and 5 artbook yayyyyy 2 gundam artbooks , 2 artbooks from my fave illustrator co2a and 1 strike witchies artbook

inside the strike witchies artbook

no wonder GSC work really fast ….

in my head right now….

must get barkhorn, yagger and sanya

it’s a must!!!!!


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