Well this is Shizuka Limited hobby japan figure , but u can get a normal one even though the colour kinda different >_<

well this is an old figure but luckyly i get it @ afa [i quess there is still a lot of the normal ones with the same quality even thought the colour is different]



Click For Larger ver


she is about 21.5 cm lol, quite standard for Gueen’s Blade Figure [and also with cast off ability lol ] it is a trademark lol

Basicly i have no illustration of her so can’t say anything about the similiarity lol


but i like the concept actually the oni [ demon] kunoichi, and the design is nice too with a lot of ribbon ]

let’s start to rotate it


the front :p

she looks good from the front , since her pose is kinda elegant so, she looks good almost from everwhere :p

let’s talking about detail while rotating



but her best angle maybe from right around 60 degree [who cares about math anyway]

as you can see the armor is painted with gold colour and brown [well it’s not really gold paint i quess it’s copper] just basicly looks like gold and it’s shining

and you can see her nipples on the clothes as well, it is some kind of protection her nipples i quess [to prevent the paint from being damaged]

the ribbon and the clothes part,  they has a really  soft shading that was hard to see… [and i can’s showed them to you since too soft]

somehow there is mis-paint on the red skirt [ i don’t know what is that called actually]  the white paint is out of the trrack….  not really a big problem for me i quess….

her right socks looks cool and detail even though no shading

the detail of the knife… impressive , i like it. her arm’s protector also has a detaill andit is a nce one


right …. she looks like want to strike someone…. [it’s you lol]


the ornament on the shoulder armor looks cool even though i don’t know what is that


the back, yes….. her hair is shaded…. but it’s really hard to notice….

the shading is kind a random and also soft so they look so natural….

and the clothes that wrapped her body has a little ornament detail [like an onsen’s strip :p]

and there is a ribbon on her neck which has the same soft shading

the sheath of the knife, has a great detail [ornament and others], the same as the knife itself [and i put it on the wrong way -_-]

as you can see, the shoe’s bracelet [i don’t know how to say it] also have ornament detail and painted with gold.

the hairband is nice… [there is a mis paint luckily this one is really small…]

ok next


can’t say nothing except …. CLEAVAGE lol [i know it’s not cleavage, well…. they are just huges lol]


yes, a nice hair model, i like it though :p

and her shoes and clothes has some detail :p the horn is good :p

see her nail 😀 looks great lol

and the facial is ok


as you can see, she is wearing a necklace with an ornament detail :p

her gloyes just looks simple :p

anyway there is something i forget to show you >_< the bracelet on the leg and her arm’s protector has a seamlines [the good side is they hard to notice…]

an now a few angles that i like

yap, all of them were taken from below and they look cool 🙂

too bad no panty shot 😀


from above :p


i like her face this way… [looks so evil] yes i have to admt it, she has a nice facial and expression which look’s good from most of the angles. The eyes looks good too, the eyes is one of the best i’ve ever see

[and now this is my wallpaper lol]

cast off!!! [too bad i don’t have a photo of her naked and the clothes]

honestly i prefer her with her clothes lol

and i quess i will make this quick >_<

the only thing i can tell.. she has a huge tits and a nice nipples lol [can’t find a btter word >_<]

as you can see… the body didn’t have much shading except under the breast , the knee, some around the leg’s bracelet

My Fave Angle’s

well … :p as i told you before her facial is good 🙂 she has a lot of detail [with a little miss paint] but not much shading [even thought i really like the soft shading escpecially the hair part]

i have to admit her breast [oppai lol] is the biggest among my figurines and she has a nice nipples but i don’t really like her body shape coz it is MILF lol [sorry i’m not a big fan of MILF]

but this is actually a great figure for it’s price [and i got it cheaper lol 50sgd maybe around 40 US Dollar]

sorry if  i put watermark around the figure >_< i’m practicing my layout


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