Strike Gundam Variant Complete >_<


finally i can completed this >_<

I have already done aile strike and now working on I.W.S.P.

wonder if i have time o finish all of this >_<

yesterday  was a grazy day after all….. metr* and citiba** combined and make the worst combination ever….

make a big damage to the wallet….  and the worst of it, it was one day sale…

so i got panic, since to got the discount i need a metr* member card 😦

i decided to met my friend [who has the card] and have to go with my mom [who has the cit* card], but when he contact me, my cellphone’s  battery gone and i in the middle of my way home >_<

gotten panic, i drive as fast as i can….[25 minutes in trafic] in a normal condition , it’s about 40 minutes

after get home, got panicked, meet my mother and sister and then go to metr*

and it is traffic 😦 the car won’t even move…. and i have no time, the store closed around 9:00 [i thought] and it is 8 and still half a way and don’t move

take an alternative route which is we thought faster…. and traffic >_< somehow made it at 8:30

i already panic since i thought the store closed at 9:00 okay run!!! finally made it… take a breath…

pic anything i need… and then meet y friend and then start calculating the  price

yes, you can actually calculating the gundam’s price and know if it is worth it or not [thanks to my friend who have a calculator even thught it is cellphone]

the last 4 digit number in the serial number above the barcode is the price, in my place it’s normal price is x110 [so if the code is :
645075-2001467-4500       the price will be 110×4500 = 495.000 around 50 US $]

and the price i got for that thing is around 380.000 well it is around 38 US $ [+the economy is getting worst and the yen in my country is getting up and up….]

so there is only one thing in my mind…. must stocckkk,  must stoccck
, be a stockkerrrr , a stockerrr , no modeller, stocker

after that i will just have to pay, and it was reallt relaxing till at the payment…. yeah the citiba** card cannot be used 😦

it is not activated yet… okay, me and my friend starting panic again [basicly only me >_<] how come…. how come… it’s so closed

and the discount only works with metr* card and cit* card [it’s not really worth it if it’s only one card :(]

panic, my mom call the card administrator, after a few talk >_< finally the administrator activated the card >_<

and all the stuff were payed….. i were panic… really panic >_<

getting home, almost no energy left…. [such a day…]

anyway the Thing i buy :p [too bad i didn’t take a picture there, it’s a huge one lol]

let see….
1 MG strike noir
1 MG strrike sword/launcher
1 MG Gundam ver 2 [lol i’m a gundam fans and didn’t have a rx-78 MK2 till yesterday]
1 Overflag 1/100 [must have this one, it’s a must since i like graham and his overflag lol]

maybe i’ll take a picture later and tell another yesterday story lol


4 thoughts on “Strike Gundam Variant Complete >_<

  1. yeah i know, the economy kind a bad now….

    the price of japanse stuff is up too 😦 and thre is still alot of i want to buy 😦

    anyway thanks 🙂 gonna make it ASAP 🙂

  2. I do wonder why you chose the launcher and sword strike for your extra strike to mount the backpack. Isn’t it more expensive than the one that comes with the aile striker pack?

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