Happy Merry Christmast


Happy Merry X-MAS 2008

Yayyy, why i always forget to celebrate this kind of even 😀

it’s 2 days late but better than no

well this year i celebrate it with my friend lol

eating together  at some restaurant , and  end up with some new stupid  story about the Apple Country and Banana Country

At the begining, we debate, which one we would choose for dessert. Was it an Apple Topping Tart, Banana Topping Tart, or a mixed of those….

So we choose the third, but my friend disagree with the mixed and said no more banana coz he sicks about banana coz of some anime character from da capo series [who likes banana so much and always eat banana and try all kinds banana even a BBQ banana :p]

So we debate, and start making story that Italia were separated into 2 country coz of these lol. They were, apple country who hates banana and Banana who hates apple and they do a war, everyday the apple country throws aplle to banana and also the banana

Since the desert take a long time to make, the story become more long and silly >__<

okay that’s a stupid one


4 thoughts on “Happy Merry Christmast

  1. wah… change theme…
    still tell story about banana and apple kingdom… >やれやれ
    ok, the story continue in new year party~ (^-^;
    should bring banana and apple.. (●^ー^●)

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