The Banana and Apple Story

Continuing the last post

Actually , i have write the rest of story but somehow it wasn’t posted [there is some error i quess >_<]

I quess i will let Melissa tell the rest of the story


Melissa : Okay, let me continue from here

To make the cake, the chef  needs the  ingredient which is apple and banana [as it ‘ s said on the menu] So the chef order his team to search for them

First The chef divided his teams into 2 , Team A will go to Apple Country and B will go to Banana Country

So both of the team go to their destination place.  They are dropped from the plane[using parachutte] and getting inside the country at the night, then run as fastest and as quiet as they can to the black market [  both apple country and banana country not selling their fruits to the foreigner, but the apple country’s blackmarket do sell banana there and also the reverse] . Buying the fruits they need , and then go to the meeting point which is in the middle of Apple and Banana Country [and also the center of Chaos]

Both the team run as fast as they can , since it’s a battlefield there, dor the A team, they have to evade from apples grenades [okay , it is just a normal apple but it’s still hurts when it is hit’s your body] and the B team have to evade from the Banana Boomerang

Both team lost about half of the member at the battlefield, now they are waiting for the helicopter to come and rescue them. Finally after a few minutes the helicopter came, right on the time.

But, when it is gonna land, suddenly the apple country shoot an apple cannon [it is a cannon but loaded with a lot of apple], luckyly it is miss.
Then the helicopter landed, but suddenly it is boom!!!!! It is landed right on top of the Banana Skin’s Trap [the landing gears got slipped and it crush the rest of the team….]

So the chef have to send another team…

Then ….. The Dessert came , so the story end here

and when i’m gonna eat the dessert….

Oh no !!!! there are kiwi and strawberry there !!!! how come??? [okay , that might be another story >_<]


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