Rei-You are (not) alone

Rei Ayanami from Alter it’s price is 6090 yen :p

i got her last week [just click on the image for bigger one :)]

well… i can’t say much about her..

her facial is perfect , she is reaaly rei, such a good expresssion

the hair shading is also good >_<

The Base really cool, it is black and reflecting like a glass with an Evangelion 1.0 written on it


i put something under my base, the original base is flat

She has only a little shading on her clothes but it’s ok , since she is wearing an entry plugsuit 🙂

the shading realyy good, when you display her ayou won’t realize  it is a shading [they put it in the correct place with correct amount]

Let’s take a look from another angle :p

she looks great from most of the angel :p as long as you see it from above

if you see her from above or on the same  height , it will be a little  strange but i’m still ok with that.

coz she was designed to be seen from above

her butt and leg so sexy lol, i kinda like this angle… too bad i can’t display her like this lol

her clothes [chest] detail were good even thought it is not as detail as alter’s 1st rei . Well i’m okay since this rei is a re-design ver for the movie

Alter do a really-really thin lining on the clothes except on the legs, but…well.. i quess i’m still ok….

Her back, the pack detail really good ,  it is done neatly. The area around her butt were shaded :p <— still think the butt is sexy lol

The hand is well done :p ithey look so fragile…

The detail of the shoe, can’t say much since it’s really a simple one

I like her pose >_< she is really look so weak…. [it’s look moe for me lol]

She is my 2nd best rei 🙂 the 1st one is also from alter [the bondage one :p]

Below here is no more a review …

It’s Rei’s Gallery…


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