Failed Photoshoot lol


Today , i and my friend [Vandy<— Vandalier the one who made trans Arm 00 LOL and my college friends] doing figma photoshoot before vandy  go to Australia

So we go and lol, the location we choose is the wrong location …
the first one…

okay you are not permitted to take any photo here, said the security

the second

it is all windy… but we have no choice lol

so continue….

open my saber lily , hey … it is her first time lol

take a picture…..

the excalibur is shaking coz of wind lol

i just laughed

and i quess this is today best picture for me lol

next i take my saber and my friend’s saber




and take the photo of all saber


meanwhile vandal is busy preparing his LS figma , with a few konata tragedy lol [the hair fall off, we all just laugh]

when vandal ready…. i and my friend felt a drop of water[we thought it’s gonna rain while the real fact…. it is not at least till 1 hour later]

he is panicked , and take photo like grazy lol, i just see and stunned …. i quess i don’t need to take anymore picture lol, he already done the job

so i only manage to take a few and only 1 that was good [i even have to cropped it lol ]


at the end we decide to take another picture on thursday if he still have time 🙂

wish could take a better one next time , [just ask me if you want a bigger ver :)]


8 thoughts on “Failed Photoshoot lol

  1. Wow, taking photoshoot on the roof in windy and cloudy weather sure is risky. I’ve done this kind of photoshoot with Strik Freedom Lightning edition as the object. And It fell on to the roof.

  2. @ron i didn’t want to think about it >_< theprice almost the same as my excelica… 130 US Dollar 😦

    @sonic ouch… is it okay?

  3. Love the pics ! last one is awesome , it looks like they’re really alive and having fun !

    Usually i don’t like figmas much , but doing this is awesome !

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