Reinforce Zwei


She is my friend’s figure.

Note : this is not a review lol

Yesterday i came to his place to do our homework. I was bringing my camera [the homework need the camera lol].

And then i saw his reinforce and ask him if i may take a photo of her, and he agree.

So with a minimal equipment i set a studio which is a wall and a desk, luckyly the wall is clean enough but not the desk

so i can only take a picture of her upper body

but still i have to edit them a little with photoshop, both the dirt and lightning >_<


and hey… i myself amaze lol she got nipples lol


and here you go , for waki waki [armpits] fetish mania lol



Yes, my friend has armpit fetish, almost of his figures are showing armpit lol

and his armpit fetish growth more after watching kannagi

oh yeah , if you want a bigger version just asked me [lately got lazy to upload the bigger one, sorry >_<]


8 thoughts on “Reinforce Zwei

  1. Argh I’ve still got A’s and StrikerS to watch…

    Nice photos though, and Reinforce is quite a cutie indeed. Deserves to have the re-releases.

    Thanks for the add btw. Blogrolled ya~

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