Saber VS Saber Lily


having a little fun with my figma saber and saber lily, yes figma is for playing lol


actually i like saber more in this battle lol :d i tried to pose lily the same pose but it turns out sucks

lily is elegant not tough like saber, the feeling just different

so i change lily Pose 🙂

and here we go 😀 a little Depth Of Field Playing to make it like a movie scene >_<




and yes, i sacrificed the figure’s detail and beauty for the pose >_< too much fokus on the background and the pose itself

well this is not a review anyway lol

hope i have time [and able] to make the next scene

just tell me if you want a bigger version 😀 [and again, i’m being a lazy people lol]


9 thoughts on “Saber VS Saber Lily

  1. @persocom thx

    looks like i really have to make all the battle scene ha???

    ave to think about the battle and background 🙂 hope have some sparetime

  2. I’m still looking for lily saber itself but it seems impossible at a decent price. I’m not paying 100+AUD just for the figma so I’ve decided to get the scale version instead by GSC. Still, she is gonna cost me an arm and a leg. @_@

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