Ryougi Shiki or Gwen?


hmmm , which one i should open 1st????

yes, it is vandal’s Gwendolyn :p Kinda bored when openthe package , 60% of the package room is for gwen lol

After that,  i open shiki and take a picture of her. Strange problem , seems she is not photogenic lol [gonna review her soon >_<]


Since  i’m a free man now!!! i have a lot of time [for a while] ,Gonna use it to review  figure>_<

I quess,  i’m gonna do a review on gwendolyn 1st, vandal already ask me , everytime i meet him at the forum he ask me about gwen [actually he ask about her armpit ]>__<

No!!!!1 the Armpit Fetish already infected him!!! [it’s almost get me as well lol]

The problem is, i have no idea, what kind of background i should use for gwen >_< since this is kind a surprise to me and i have no plan….

need an advice 🙂


10 thoughts on “Ryougi Shiki or Gwen?

  1. Gwen needs an aqua-green or light blue-green background. I suggest Gwen since she is better than Ryougi in my opinion, though in overall size she is bigger than Ryougi.

  2. @persocom and panther thank, i quess i hope i can find it at the nearby store

    @sonic yes, mine just arrived. I hope you received yours soon

    @ron wow , u order gwen 🙂 somehow i can have her for 2 years 😀

    @otaku dan that’s what i’m going to do tonight [if i have the mood lol]

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