Added WIP Section


My Overflag Prject for A Gundam challenge [ some kind of gundam competition 🙂 ]

I have added WIP section, so people can see my latest WIP >_<

Gonna add new category for every Model Kit Project I’m gonna do

Just a little more and that overflag gonna be finished 🙂

it has a 4 extra booster and 4 extra railgun 🙂


5 thoughts on “Added WIP Section

  1. The extra boosters reminds me of a customised Overflag called Overflag High Maneuver Package featured on a magazine once. Looking forward to see how you’d pull this off!

  2. great work, not long before we see the project finally being completed.

    had similar thoughts when I first saw this thinking it was a verflag High Maneuver Package.

    ganbantte! vixion

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