I hate Valkyrie :(


It is VF-25S Ozma Custom 😀

It is my friend’s he asked me to make and paint it. What about Overflag? well…

My airbrush is broken, today i will  get the new one 😀 a very special one.

I hope i can finished it in 4 days … the Overflag

Anyway this may be unusual but yes, i’m reviewing VF-25S [wai??? coz i hate it … and many other modeller hate it<— at least i know one lol]




yes , it’s detail definitely awosemeeee but the problem is about the transformation…..

Gerwalk mode


took me about half an hour to do this [sorry i have no base] and i have to remove a few part during transform [or accidently removed]

Batroid Mode




Great detail, cool head but then and again, the transform is have the same problem as the above

something makes me kinda dissapointed about the detail…. yeah there is no booster on the inside of the foot …

they make the detail for booster, but there is no booster -_-


A comparison with strike 🙂  Valkyrie is around 22.5 cm in that pose….

If  you paint your kit, i advice you not to buy this kit >_<


3 thoughts on “I hate Valkyrie :(

  1. hmm.. i’ve seen alot of people have good results painting the kit, although they might not change form. good luck on this, and sorry to hear about the airbrush.. don’t know how i would do without one..

  2. lol. I’m in the midst of painting it. ^^’ I must admit that it can be a real to do so. Just finished spraying majority of the grey section last sunday, with some getting screwed and needing a redo. I foresee that it’ll be end of Feb by the time I get this baby done, judging for the speed & time I’m spending on it.

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