Shuraki 3 , got it!!!!


finally got her, one of my must have shuraki list >_<

i always shuraki 1,2,3 … don’t know have a time to take a picture of her or not? [a review is already too late for her i quess..]

talking about that, sorry for postpone my Ryougi shiki review >_< i have to finish my overlag >_< argh!! deadline!!!


5 thoughts on “Shuraki 3 , got it!!!!

  1. U might wanna wipe the oil from inside the damaged clothes ver. before u cast that piece on.

    Take ur time when u cast her off. It’s hard at first. -_-

  2. Shuraki figures must be pretty hard to find by now right? Congrats on getting one~

    I’d agree with Optic that the Shuraki figures’ castoff tend to be quite difficult to do.

  3. I buy it from yahoo auction japan πŸ™‚ , my friend said nobody want it in japan , so i just have to put a minimal bid and get it πŸ™‚

    it is around 90 US Dollar, still worth it for her i quess.

    well, i haven’t opened her ,just see and put her back to box ….

    i quess i’ll be careful πŸ™‚ thx

  4. Yahoo Auction Japan? I got a Max Factory Shana once and it’s got some scratches. A bad item usually isn’t common, but I hope you’ve double-checked your figure.

    Looking forward to your photos when you have the time!

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