The Room

Decided to do like the others

show my room contest lol



^this one is 2000 px just click it

like it when it’s dark , but never do it longer than 2 hours…. i don’t think it’s a good idea 😀 since the lamp is kind a hot >_<


my main collection? lol . Yes, i collect Rei, Saber and KOS-MOS but i only buy if it is good worth both price and quality


my working place when making gunpla, but lately rarely to use it >_< somehow i forget i have that lol


my gunpla stock 😀 wait!!! what are you doing there, hiu chan!!!???


16 thoughts on “The Room

  1. I like your figure cabinet setup.
    Very nice!

    Do you have a close up of the figures in the first 2 pics? It’s a bit hard to see in the dark pic. I thought I saw some that looked pretty cool.

    Good luck on the competition.

  2. ahhh i want to light my cabinets too but i’ve yet to find a solution that satifies my criteria – cheap, no heat, looks good. ikea has some led lights but they cost soooo much! -_-

    really love all the display cases. must be nice to be able to shield everyone from the dust ^^

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