Unlimited Miku-miku Works

“I am the flesh and bone of my own song.

Music is my blood, and Negi is my heart.

I have sung over a thousand songs.

Unknown to death.

Nor known to life

Many times I have withstood enormous pain to sing a song.

And yet, those hands that have braved so much will never hold anything.

So as I pray now, I call forth “Unlimited Miku-Miku Works.”

just have some fun, special thx to the real owner of the Picture [use google :D]


12 thoughts on “Unlimited Miku-miku Works

  1. Very good, though I know your intention is to have unlimited miku-miku, but I tend to think the unlimited song might have been closer to the original intent of the noble phantasm.

  2. @garturo i thought she was miku variant

    2bakakoneko you won’t die just coz of miku šŸ˜€

    @sonic i like miku in the magicia suit šŸ˜€

    @q agreed

    @wolf hahaha i quess you right

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