Singapore’s loot


just come back from singapore, bought a few stuff lol

artbook [AriaAvvenire]: it contains a lot of picture of aria , too bad it wasn’t drawn by kozue amano except the cover] but it contains wonderful  artworkof aria, remind me a lot of aria, so i’m satisfied with that.

pla plates,paints, plastic beams, tools, decals: well , i can find this in my country , but right now the supplies is kinda a short, and the price is not bad, so why not buy:D  ahh Infinite Justice  decal, really like it, coz it has the Faith emblem

and singapore got more tools than in Indonesia, why!!!????

mousepad [yes oh yes finally]

finally i can try this oppad, my friend told me that this is comfortable and i’m kind of wonder, so i bought it.

And yes, it is really comfortable, i can rest my hand on the one of rin’s breast 🙂

Too bad the store only have 3 choices of Oppad, rin and the other girls is from rosario, i didn’t like the rosario’s girls and the seller also aid that rin’s quality is better and i like rin more [even thought i don’t play littlebuster ]so, i pick rin 😀

The Material is good, it’s feel soft , and it’s fluffy 😀 i’m gonna use it when i’m realy sure that my hand is really clean. I want to keep it as clean as possible,  i like the artwork it’r really good.

Rin is blushing everytime i touch her breast lol <—- stupid imagination lol

the price is around 75 sing $

and MIB Hatsune Miku

well it’s MIB and it’s price is 77 sing$ i quess it’s a good one, i don’t need a really new PVC. And MIB is almost as new as new PVC , the seller said it has beend opened Once just to check the quality and i’m quite okay with that 😀

finally hatsune mikuuuu lol

and when i got home 😀 SAFS lol

well only a few is mine, 1 alter nagato, 1 hiyori, 2 nendros an that’s it all

the other’s is my friends

gonna open them soon lol  and anyone want haruhi’s or nagato review?

when it’s still fresh lol wonder, which one i should do first


11 thoughts on “Singapore’s loot

  1. no, the figure were from local store at jakarta 😀
    the 1st pic is the loot

    yes, sunshine plaza 🙂 i always forget the name, have a little chat with her, talking about Mouse pad lol

  2. @Gordon: Nice friendly Lady?? are you referring to Sharon?? Yeah, she is really nice… She always gave me pre-order price for figure that i bought, even though I didn’t pre-ordered it and was just nabbing what other’s pre-ordered but decided to pass on it…

    Btw, did you really bought it at KKnM, Vixion??? chikuso, and I was aiming to buy that oppad too.. T.T Was planning to buy it when I don’t have much figure in my to-buy list, but i guess you beat me to it….

  3. Dude? Are you trying to open a figure store? XD

    Miku from a Singapore is a nice loot i guess. I remembered the first time i went to Singapore and didn’t know anything about figure, i ended up buying crap… >.<

  4. @ sonicactually, i really have a store even thought it’s only sell a small amount of figure:D

    the main is Gundam :p

    @lolipedofin yes, i bought it there, don’t worry :p they still got a lot of that 😀

  5. Wow nice loot there~ After checking the currency I’d say that 77SGD is quite a good deal, which is the lowest price I’ve found in Hong Kong as well.

    I was like o_O when I saw 3 Yukis and 3 Hiyoris, until you told me that most of them are for your friends ^^; Btw with those gunpla accessories and tools, which one are you planning to build next?

  6. I guess figure collector in Indonesia is still not that much huh… mostly are gunpla otaku…

    I only start collecting figures myself since I’m here at Singapore…

  7. My first thought was, “Dam, do u like Hiyori Pixy and Yuki that much where it warranty 3 purchases?” lol

    Awesome loot. Miku at that price. Not bad. ^^

  8. Hoah..nice loot!!^^ especially yuki!

    btw is your figure store located in jakarta? where is it?…i really want to know^^…coz it’s really hard to find a figure store in jakarta….>,<..

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