My way to display Figma


Yes it’s Dakimakura pose!!!!!


at beginning i want to pose saber without her sword, somehow it just don’t feel right especially coz she is wearing her Armor

i quess saber lily is the best!!! lol

now i’ thinking tu buy mikuru, miku and saber lol

anywway Figma Warning

for you who buys shana and Maritan limited HJ….



yes it’s damaged…. watchout when moving her hand while she is wearing her cape

note: i don’t really like shana, she’s hard to play… and it’s hard to put alastor into her neck…. and the alastors now gone

MaRitan Limited HJ


Yes, i broke the Bazooka, it’s better to make the hole in her hand bigger before you insert the Bazooka

for you who have inserted it, i quess it’s better not to pulled it [if it’s hard to pull..] , it’s gonna broke like mine, the material is really soft so it’s easy to broke

luckyly i can repair mine, thx to my drill…. [saonara my drill , i have to break it…




8 thoughts on “My way to display Figma

  1. @cotton yeah, too bad….

    @realta no!!! why don’t you give me your fate lol

    @optic lol i quess i will us Gunpla pazooka lol

    @vandal please spare my life, nooo!!…..

    @minaru thx :p

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