I’m Back From Japan!!!

After 10 days trip [actually i come back 1 weeks ago]

just too lazy to write a review  >_< a lot has happen

anyway for loot mania , here goes mine [not all of them were mine thought]


Now , i’ll tell the story about the journey…..

20 years ago in the city called Jakarta , a hild was born…. wait this is too long

4 Juli

I boarded the plane to Kuala Lumpur [my plane is Malaysia Air] . It was landed at Kuala Lumpur an delayed for 4 hours….

i just ….. gaoooooo!!!! And then the airport give us a free voucher to eat at burger king and we may buy anything for free yay!!!

it was 12.oo and i’m still full so i sleep [this bad for your health don’t do this at home]. At 01.00 am i wake up and decided to usethe voucher

and i see the double whopper [must have that] , but when i ordered… it’s out of stock and againnn i become gaooo whyyyyy, well i ordered some chicken and some cake [it is too sweett>_<]

at 03.00 i boarded the plane to Japan with full stomach , after boarded i’m sleeping [don’t  sleep after you eat, you’ll become a pig said my mom lol]

i wake up at the plane, don’t know what time it is,  and decided to watch TV [yay the 2nd plane got tv], and it got wall e!!! i always like wall-e story

the story about human who dstroy the  earth by junk and then go to space and got controlled by robot >_< [2 of my favoruite stories in one movie + 2 cute robots that’s what i called “genius” whatever lol]

so here come the breakfast at the plane and i’m still full ,but still eat it:D

finally i landed at japan!!!!! yay japan!!! i mean narita

like usual my bagage have to be checked, somehow got the girl…. well i can’t see her face clearly but she might be cute lol [just judging from the voice]

it’s hard to talk to them, language barrier… i thought they have a godd english coz they work at the airport >_<. checking my baggage, and somehow i lost my key inside the bagage, and somehow she got panicked and i told her is okay. My friend said japanese girl is easy to get panic >_<

so we go to the train and head o tokyo… go to shinjuku to meet my friend’s friend[valvan]. We meet him and go the akiba [i mean akiba station  , coz we still have that giant suitcase]

this is valvan
censored for his safety lol

from akiba go to station ochanomizu-hongo 3 chome and go to the hotel.

and we passed toudai . wait !!! it’s toudai?? it’s different from the love hina?? NO!!!!!!!

anyway we got into the inn, check in and put all the baggage that so damn heavy man [and i have to carry that everytime i meet  stair -_-]

The hotel Homeikan [ a really nice one]

next go to akiba 😀 and here we Go Valvan’s Road to Akiba the famous route that Valvan creates :p

and i actually foget what is the name of the 1st store so we go around akiba and  meet a lot of maid…

Too bad can’t take photo all of the thing i met

a view from somewhere


this stuff at UFO Catcher -_- okay i envy you japaneseee!!!!

ah i want that yummille cushion >_<

uh dakimakura >_<


FSN Artbooks

1/1 scale at kaiyodo shop , wow just wow and they also 1/1 scale kenshiro




rei!!!! i want those resin!! neeed to find a hammer >_<



well akiba is a unique place, you can see a lot of anime poster evrywhere, inside and outside building


My friend’s pic 😀 he is a so damn lucky dude lol [i mean maniacs lol] and a few people stare at us, luckyly i’m here for only 10 days , nobody will remember me lol

that’s the end of day 1 [well day 2-10 not as long as this don’t worry]


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