Tobe! Yoshika!

After i read this

decided to make my Yoshika Fly Higher, But i still need the figma stand . Sometimes i use it for my gunpla and my robo damashii

so i have to make a different one šŸ™‚

here goes


Well u can use any drill as long it’s a drill , mine is tamiya šŸ˜€ and don’t use Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan’s Drill lol

1st, drill the nendro stand using 2mm, make sure it was in the center. Why use the 2mm first?

-it is easier to make a small hole and makin it bigger at the end than make a large one

-if you failed, it is small , so you can stop and change your drill position

-figma stand’sĀ  diameter is 2mm


After you think it is enough, try to put it inside the figma stand,.

if it is still not fit, drill again using 2.5 mm till it’s fit


The result , u can glue it using powerglue for a strong one like kodomut‘s or u can let it like that and put some blu tack inside it [to make it tight but you can still remove it and use it for your figma]

test the new stand šŸ™‚


extra šŸ˜€



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