Geara Zulu

Finally i can finish this….

and i forget how long it takes

need to be faster!!!!!!

Enjoy 🙂

IMG_8550.jpg (112 KB) IMG_8547.jpg (78 KB) IMG_8548.jpg (90 KB) IMG_8549.jpg (91 KB)
IMG_8552.jpg (88 KB) IMG_8562.jpg (81 KB) IMG_8553.jpg (78 KB) IMG_8567.jpg (101 KB) IMG_8566.jpg (80 KB) IMG_8568.jpg (97 KB)
IMG_8570.jpg (120 KB) IMG_8572.jpg (75 KB) IMG_8574.jpg (88 KB) IMG_8579.jpg (78 KB) IMG_8583.jpg (74 KB) IMG_8586.jpg (81 KB) IMG_8595.jpg (120 KB) IMG_8597.jpg (110 KB) IMG_8598.jpg (87 KB)

My first photoshoot >_< didn’y really like the lighting but somehow it produced some great ones  that i can’t make with my 2nd photoshoot

IMG_8520.jpg (128 KB) IMG_8521.jpg (92 KB) IMG_8522.jpg (111 KB) IMG_8526.jpg (121 KB) IMG_8530.jpg (135 KB) IMG_8531.jpg (92 KB)

sunlight rulessss


8 thoughts on “Geara Zulu

  1. Really love the metallic finish look on your Geara Zulu, and very nice colour scheme too! Very nice work there! *thumbs up*

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