Kamen Rider G3-X

>_< me myself confused, but i can’t hold it finally i open it!!!

SHFigurearts G3X , it’s my risk as SHF seller….


i thought i was immune to kamen rider 😦

Fall in love with it’s awesome detail and look like metal >_<

well a lot of panel line like gundam >_< The paint very neat, the detail is well done >_<

why it is so damn good, it’s a little heavy compared to figma , but i like the heavy feeling it comes with a lot of weapon …. a gatling gun which u can fold into suitcase sorry no pic, 1 grenades gor the gatling, 1 big knife [the 1st pic] , 2 police baton like weapon [open and close ver], 1 handgun and 8 type of hand which made of rubber


i love this one very much >_< so big and overkill , the red thing is grenades. overkill is underrated lol


a handgun, well it sure has a strange model.as u can see the belt detail is awesome, and also the leg and the foot.

I’m planning to lining this guy when i line my gunpla πŸ™‚

i like the eye detail very much ,it’s clear and it has detail inside. The head also has a lot of detail both antenae and the main head


police baton? lol the hand detail is awesomeee!!!!

a big knife, i wonder if this is the right way to use it? the chestΒ  detail looks nice πŸ™‚

sorry for the pose, i don’t watch kamen rider πŸ˜€

wonder if i’ll buy another shf? maybe faiz lol

i love faiz


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