Azusa Nakano

Yayyyy, my first figure review for this year [why i feel somebody say boo in my back lol]

Anyway gonna do this  every month now, my friend ask me to do so, they are making a magazine and ask me for figure review article]

Me chose Azusa for the first review, since she still new and everyone know her. we all watch K-on don’t we?

Let’s Start!!!!  Ahh, back to old figure review style lol
Manufacture :  Alter

Scale : 1/8

Price : 6800 yen , well i got her for rp 900.000 [around 100$ us]

Her height is about 20 cm or 8 inch. You get one extra part, it’s nekomimi hair lol. i always display her with nekomimi .

She still looks cute without it. Well then let’s just start this. She has so many good angle, but her best angle might be from 45 degree from left , just like the picture above

i’ll show you  another angle 🙂

from the front, u can have different kind of expression by changing the angle.

she looks like hugging her guitar than playing it for me

a cute face, looks like a doll. From here u can see the buttons, all of them were painted neatly, it was painted gold to reflect more light, so u can see them.

The back looks strange lol , who want to display her from the back anyway lol

The nekomimi really fits her lol

Well about the paint, it is very neat but there is almost no shading for her clothes . It seems Alter using some kind of  semi gloss finishing on it , that makes her cloth reflects some of light but not glossy.

Only a few part were shaded,  her skirt , her hand , her leg and her shoes . It looks okay for me

Very cute face :p and look the detail of the guitar and the hand, looks lovely.

The guitar detail looks awesome, at firs i though the guitar were mispainted coz the silver part’s colour is strange,but someone tell me, a guitar like that exist.

Alter, not only give a different colour for the silver part ,but also some texture. The detail of the guitarseems  100% accurate for me [sorry i don’t know what guitar she is using]

the red part is so glossy, it’s  like a mirror.

She has a uniques base made by clear part, i kind a like it , she looks like flying.

Anyway, it’s so hard to take panchira shot without laying down her, it’s the best i can do. Her panty is white and it’s plain normal panty lol

Somebody, please give her some wings [me can’t draw them lol]

as u can see, her names were writen on the base include the ho-kago tea time , and also K-on symbol on it

For me myself this is a good figure and the price just perfect , this what you got for 6800 yen, a really good guitar detail,  a neat painting , a cute face and also a neko mimi lol, me satisfied

Here goes an extra pic 🙂

I reall love those 2 pic above 🙂

thank you for reading, my next figure review might be just an old figure lol


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