Figma Black Rock Shooter

now, let’s review this!!!

this what you got inseide her box ,lol i forget to put the dvd

what amaze me is, u got 2 stands and 1 long chains [longer than 30cm lol]

let’s do the review lol


as u can see, she can stand without using her stand, the balance is perfect , the leg is strong , it’s not really hard to make her standing w/o stand

Please be careful when touching her, especially her body and her face, make sure your hands is clean. It’s easy to get dirty, seems MF put too much flat coating on it.

if yours already dirty, use somesoap and sometoothbrush, it;s work 🙂

about the detail on her body me have no comment, it’s prefect for her scale


i tried to move her hair to maximum wide to check it’s balance . yes it is balance enough but it’s become a little harder to make her stand.

actually that surprised me, testarossa doesn’t have this balancity



here goes another pose


she looks good from the back, play her jacket and her hair to make a more beautiful pose 🙂

about her jacket, it’s so smooth and glossy, i really love it. It reflects anything like amirror


the second hair plate, the effect is cool actually, but i prefer the main hair. Her eyes is burning!!! kinda scary me lol


Second faceplate, use this one for action!!! this one makeblack rock shooter looks angry and scary.

And i also don’t like this one lol, sincei prefer to display her with a calm and sweet pose 😀 this is my preference only coz i think she is a kuldere >_<


This is the best and my most fave pic , she looks cool 🙂


the last plate 🙂 use this for some calm pose , like this one lol


actually i like her with her sword much better than with her canon

The cannon size just too big, i don’t think she can hold it without stand [i haven’t try] the cannon has a texture,so u can drybrush it to make it cooler and real.


i can’t do a lot of pose with the canon >_<



the shooting pose, if u ask me i hate making this pose, it’s really hard to make her hand grab the cannon and then attach the hand to her arm. in order to do this u have to make sure the stand already below the canon and ready to support the canon

let’s see…. what’s left is the chains…. i myself have no idea to use this

The only idea i have is this


yes!!1 p prisoned her 🙂

I might say she is the best figma; detail, price, staibility, everything is so great about her. The price is good but u got so many bonus 🙂

i might do another review later 🙂 and i might lower my foto quality, it’s takes time to take good photo [both think and process]

a little bonus

i take this picture llast month 😀


9 thoughts on “Figma Black Rock Shooter

  1. Loved the glossy effect on her jacket. I kinda agree with you, this is one of the best figma out on the market so far.

    Can’t wait to have mine arriving at home (T_T)

  2. The figma BRS as an action figure is indeed pretty well done overall. With a good number of accessories (I didn’t expect the chains since it didn’t seem to be mentioned before release), good overall quality, and a bonus DVD, 2800 Yen is quite a price I’d say.

    The biggest problem is definitely posing with the Rock Cannon. Definitely a pain to do so – it’s difficult to put her hand onto the handle of the Cannon already, then you have to put the hand back into the arm. Most of the time the peg misses because it has articulation at the bottom of the wrist, and if you’re not careful it can come off kinda easily too! Had a bit of frustration when doing a review back then, so I am not posing her holding the Cannon anymore. Not within a short period of time at least.

    There are also reports of a fragile joint just between the stomach and upper chest (i.e. articulation just beneath the bikini top). Not too many breakages have been heard, but just be careful when moving that joint.

    Well the rants about the negative parts look big from the wall of text but they aren’t that much of an issue. I too quite like the closed eye expression myself, and it’s one I’ve been using on mine at the moment.

    Btw added link of your review to mine!

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