Deadmaster Review

… and nao senpai died….

well lately i got so many thing i want to review….

and i found out, i actually got a lot of time but always forget to do it >_< so now i’ve made  a schedule

1-2 review for 1 week, and i’m reducing the photo quality and u may got bored coz i will use the same background over and over….

my first pic to review is Figma Deadmaster

about nao senpai 1st story

What you got got inside the box, not include the di stage lol

a lot of hand but so far i only need 6 of them lol 😀 and you got her licking face yayyyyy!!!

Black rock shooter got more accesories than her even thought the price is almost the same 😦 kinda dissappointed

as you can see she can stand without stand, the scythe can be used to balance her

i found it harder to make her stand than black rock shooter but when she is able to stand, she is more balance than black rock shooter , a little shocks won’t make her fall.

Her move kinda restricted coz of her skirt, that was the maximum limit of her leg. about the detail of her clothes , it’s really2 plain compared to Black Rock Shooter

Personally , i didn’t really like it, well  i always display the front of my figure….

about fer face, i found she has a good face and nice expression . Just play wit her hand and pose , u will get different feeling even thought it ‘s the same face :).

and now time for the 2nd face , my fave face

Yes, i like her licking  face. She looks so damn nasty , tricky ,sexy ,mysterious whatever u name it. Combine this face with her scythe it will be awesome

Anyway now, let’s take a look to this 2 minions , or skull or wateva…..i have no idea what are these?

Yes!!! u can shut those mouth and make them silent!!! lol… i have no idea what these thing suppose to do?? eating BRS Cannon like a snack? lol

The skull have the same shape but different texture or should i say it was drybrusher in different way, since it was drybrush , i quess my skull will be different from yours and any others…

The idea to paint the mouth with that green color is kinda good, the color light up when they got light, it’s almost like fluorescent [i hope you get it what i mean >_<]

Actually it’s kind a hard to display all of them with the stand that were given in the box, i suggest you to use di stage and some extra stand

I have tried using figma normal stand , it’s kind a hard to pose the skull, and the stand is falling if it is too low and it looks kinda ugly and messy . Using di stage , they looks better , the skull looks lively and like the part of deadmaster and it’s more flexible for the movement of the skull either and more balance than using 3 figma basic stand.

it was drybrushes , i have no idea why they change the plan the main blade was drybrushed on the different way on the prototype. This one is drbrushed with blue color!!!??? to match the original illustration style of Black Rock Shooter? i have no idea, but seeing those texture and color really reminds me of huke coloring and texture style.

About the schyte, it is really sharp, it could harm children >_< please don’t let children play with your figma deadmaster. It’s really Dangeroussss Well personally i like figma deadmaster better than black rock shooter , she has more elegant style and pose.I found it easier to pose her rather than black rock shooter, right now my black rock shooter is back into her box, i have no idea how to display her >_<

But for Deadmaster , i already know how i want to display her, i want to display her like this !!!:D

editted a little using photoshop lol

anyway here goes an extra photo , most of them i took when i 1st open her 😀

Next, i quess i’m gonna review Nendro Black Rock Shooter 🙂


14 thoughts on “Deadmaster Review

  1. “About the schyte, it is really sharp, it could harm children >_< please don’t let children play with your figma deadmaster. It’s reallt Dangeroussss"

    yay a new weapon xD

  2. Nao noooo! 😉

    This is a bit unusual for a figma to have such a scary aura like Deathmaster, her face with the green eyes and these long fingers let her appear really badass.

    the drybrushed skulls are looking really cool, too
    too bad that they don’t fit onto the neck of Deathmaster.

    you should reanimate Nao for the next review, she’s a great host ;D

  3. Wow.. awesome.. I’m not into BRS, but seeing the design I think it’s good..
    But I think the Deadmaster cloth far inferior from BRS clothes.. I think the Deadmaster cloth should be more menacing..

    well it’s just my opinion..

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