Zabanya Project

And i keep on forgetting to revive Nao Senpai….

I am playing Pangya for over 2 weeks >_< Kooh just so cute

and after that….

i work on my Zabanya

This is the first idea come in my mind

then i played with the rifle

i like it, so i will make the backpack have 2 mode, storage [1st pic] artilerry mode [2nd pic] too bad i can make a good system for this which explain how the beam rifle move >_<

i want it to be along range unit , the one which can shoot from out of battle area , out of radar range, so i search a big rifle , and there you go ario’s

the detail so far….

right now i’m adding gatling gun

this is the idea.. this ver still using blue tack [same for backpack]

this is the connector i made forthe backpack, it was damaged when i shape it so it is changed from the first

these was taken yesterday night

The Arm System for the gatling, it can move freely

i’m planing to give it 2 beam saber since it’s looks good with them


modified backpack






last modification before paint


5 thoughts on “Zabanya Project

  1. Really like your version of Zabanya – wish more people have taken notice of it!

    Stripping off the unusual fence-like holsters for multiple rifles and giving it the more ‘traditional’ look makes it look less awkward, but I like the extra bulkiness you’ve added to the body in general.

    So the shoulder weapons can be turned over the shoulder from standby position like, say, Freedom’s Balaena plasma beam cannons in the wings, or removed and be used from hand? The addition of Serpent’s gattling guns is a bit unexpected, but nevertheless interesting as it’s supported by a mechanical arm from the back. Looking forward to see the final work from you!

  2. Aloo… Just saw this recently, and here are my thoughts on your Zab…

    The Gatling arm reminded me of the Altron Gundam (TV Ver.), but I fear that its articulation might be hampered if you intend to put Zab’s beam rifles/cannons at the back, ala Guncannon (Which is by far the most innovative take on redesigning the suit).

    Another thing: How about you get another Gatling gun and let Zab hold both in each arm. The GN Beam cannon just doesn’t feel right with this hunk o’ metal.

    Juct a couple of cents… ^^

    P.S. Come drop by my site when you have time… ^^

  3. i love your Zab. assault.
    the black and red, just nice.
    could you tell me the name of the additional weapon that you used in your project?
    and the color code you used?

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