Neko 2

May 19, 2011

Finally she can stand on her own >_<


gonna paint her eye today and i got a good reference from alter

Random Post

May 14, 2011

Today i ‘ve decided to do a supid thing like 1 update for 1 day even thought the update will be very stupid like only posting oine pic like these


My yoshika :)

Azusa Nakano

August 3, 2010

Yayyyy, my first figure review for this year [why i feel somebody say boo in my back lol]

Anyway gonna do this  every month now, my friend ask me to do so, they are making a magazine and ask me for figure review article]

Me chose Azusa for the first review, since she still new and everyone know her. we all watch K-on don’t we?

Let’s Start!!!!  Ahh, back to old figure review style lol

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The Figure Photography Gath

June 30, 2009

Well it’s the 5th time we doing this, and we back to the first Gath Location

Ancol, a beach at the North Jakarta.


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KOS-MOS Swimsuit Review

June 6, 2009


somehow i have some extra time thx to the blackout, so i do a photoshoot of her to killing time.

Here goes a review of this sexy Babes [i better run berore she shoot me with her gatling]

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Alter Nagato

May 18, 2009

PhotobucketThis gonna be a fast review… sorrry if i don’t talk about her ver detail….

i’m too sleepy :D so put your seatbelt [if you have it lol]

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